Summary: 09 Jul 2018 - 15 Jul 2018


New Europe's next Galileo satellites in place atop Ariane 5
15 Jul 2018 - Europe's next Galileo satellites have been put in place on top of the Ariane 5 launcher due to lift them from Europe's Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana on 25 July. >>>

New Launch schedule of the H-II Transfer Vehicle KOUNOTORI7
15 Jul 2018 - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) have announced a launch date for the H-IIB Launch Vehicle No. 7 (H-IIB F7) which carries aboard the H-II Transfer Vehicle "KOUNOTORI7" (HTV7), the cargo transporter to the International Space Station (ISS). >>>

New Successful qualification of high thrust Vikas Engine
15 Jul 2018 - A high thrust version of the Vikas Engine was successfully qualified through a ground test for a duration of 195 seconds at ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri, Tamilnadu. >>>

Production line for P120C booster nozzles inaugurated
12 Jul 2018 - The production line for the P120C solid propellant booster nozzles was inaugurated on the ArianeGroup site at Le Haillan, near Bordeaux, France. This 1,600 m² unit, christened B-Line, is designed to produce up to 35 nozzles per year for the P120C solid propellant booster, an output that is three times higher than that of the current Ariane 5 boosters. >>>

Rocket Lab to expand launch capability with U.S. launch site
11 Jul 2018 - U.S. orbital launch provider Rocket Lab has confirmed plans to expand its launch capability by developing a U.S. launch site, with four U.S. space ports shortlisted to launch the Electron rocket. >>>

LockMart 3-D prints domes for satellite fuel tanks
11 Jul 2018 - A 3-D printed titanium dome for satellite fuel tanks completed final rounds of quality testing this month, ending a multi-year development programme at Lockheed Martin. >>>

Progress launch sets new record for express delivery to ISS
10 Jul 2018 - Rocket: Soyuz 2.1a; Payload: Progress MS-09; Date: 9 July 2018, 2151 UTC; Launch site: Baikonur, Kazakhstan. The Progress cargo spacecraft docked to the International Space Station (ISS) less than four hours after lift-off, completing this fast-track orbital rendezvous attempt for the first time. >>>

Chinese navigation satellite deployed by Chang Zheng rocket
10 Jul 2018 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 3A; Payload: Beidou 2-G8 [?]; Date: 9 July 2018, 2058 UTC; Launch site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. The navigation satellite was placed in a geostationary transfer orbit. >>>

Private Chinese company plans rocket launch in 2020
10 Jul 2018 - Beijing-based space launch company LandSpace recently revealed that its Suzaku No. 2, the largest privately-owned rocket developed in the country so far, will be launched in 2020. >>>

Delay of the day: Falcon 9/Iridium-7
10 Jul 2018 - Iridium Communications Inc. announced an updated launch date for the seventh Iridium NEXT launch. >>>

Aerojet Rocketdyne demos 24-hour turnaround of AR-22 engine
10 Jul 2018 - Aerojet Rocketdyne successfully fired its AR-22 booster rocket engine 10 times in 240 hours at NASA Stennis Space Center, demonstrating the feasibility of rapidly recycling the engine to enable a reusable launch vehicle capable of high-tempo, aircraft-like flight operations. >>>

China launches two satellites for Pakistan
09 Jul 2018 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 2C/SMA; Payload: PRSS-1 and PakTES-1A; Date: 9 July 2018, 0356 UTC; Launch site: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, China. After entering orbit, PRSS-1 is in good condition with its solar panels unfolded smoothly, according to CAST. >>>

Largest-ever solid rocket motor poised for first hot firing
09 Jul 2018 - This week, the largest solid rocket motor ever built in one piece will be test fired at Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana for the first time. >>>

MetOp-C launch campaign kicks off
09 Jul 2018 - The MetOp-C launch campaign has kicked off with the first of three Antonovs landing at Cayenne Airport, French Guiana on 20 June. >>>


New NanoRacks completes 14th CubeSat deployment mission from ISS
15 Jul 2018 - NanoRacks successfully completed the 14th CubeSat Deployment mission from the company's commercially developed platform on the International Space Station. Having released nine CubeSats into low-Earth orbit, this mission marks NanoRacks' 185th CubeSat released from the Space Station, and 217th small satellite deployed by NanoRacks overall. >>>

GomSpace signs contract with the European Space Agency
11 Jul 2018 - GomSpace A/S has signed a €400.000 contract with ESA for the first phase of the RACE project to deliver two 6-unit CubeSats for an IOD mission to demonstrate the capability of nano-satellite systems to perform close proximity operations such as rendezvous and docking, and close fly around manoeuvres. >>>

ICESat-2 lasers pass final ground test
10 Jul 2018 - ICESat-2 engineers at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California successfully finished the final ground-based test of the lasers, which are part of the satellite's sole instrument called the Advanced Topographic Laser Altimeter System (ATLAS). ICESat-2 is scheduled to launch from Vandenberg on 12 September 2018. >>>

China proposes joint global satellite system with Russia
09 Jul 2018 - A Chinese delegation has proposed to Russia's Roskosmos state space corporation to discuss a possibility of the creation of a joint global satellite communications system, which could become an analogue of the OneWeb satellite constellation. >>>

Telesat, Gilat to develop broadband modem technology for satellites
09 Jul 2018 - Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. announced a collaborative project with Telesat for development of broadband communication technology using low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites. >>>


Thales Alenia Space and SwRI sign MOU to cooperate on Stratobus
09 Jul 2018 - Thales Alenia Space and Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to co-operate in the development of Stratobus. >>>


Eutelsat partners with Intelsat, SES in U.S. C-band spectrum proposal
12 Jul 2018 - Intelsat S.A., and Eutelsat announced that they are aligned on a market-based proposal for the future use of the lower C-band spectrum in the U.S. Eutelsat has agreed to join the proposal initiated by Intelsat, Intel and SES. >>>


Hispasat and LeoSat sign strategic investment agreement
10 Jul 2018 - LeoSat Enterprises, which is launching a constellation of low-earth-orbit communications satellites, has entered into an agreement with Hispasat to invest in LeoSat, both companies announced. >>>


Telesat to collaborate with GD-MS in developing LEO user terminals
10 Jul 2018 - Telesat announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with General Dynamics Mission Systems under which the companies will co-operate in developing user terminals for customers who choose to make Telesat LEO a core component in their communications infrastructure. >>>


New Northrop Grumman announces CEO transition
15 Jul 2018 - Northrop Grumman chairman and chief executive officer Wes Bush announced that he will step down from the position of chief executive officer effective 1 January 2019. He will remain chairman through July 2019. >>>





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