Summary: 19 May 2019 - 23 May 2019


New Chang Zheng-4C fails to launch observation satellite
23 May 2019 - The attempt to launch a remote sensing Yaogan-33 satellite carried by a Chang Zheng-4C rocket from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center was unsuccessful. >>>


India launches radar satellite
22 May 2019 - Rocket: PSLV-C46 (core only); Payload: RISAT-2B [RISAT-2BR1?]; Date: 22 May 2019, 0000 UTC; Launch site: Satish Dhawan Space Centre(SDSC) SHAR, Sriharikota. PSLV-C46 injected RISAT-2B into a orbit of 556 km about 15 minutes and 25 seconds after lift-off. >>>

Long-delayed Spektr-UV now set for launch in 2025
22 May 2019 - The press office of Russia's State Space Corporation Roskosmos confirmed that the launch of the Spektr-UV observatory [also known as Spektr-UF, Spektr-F and World Space Observatory-Ultraviolet (WSO-UV)] had been scheduled for October 2025. >>>

Meteor-M satellite delivered to Vostochny spaceport
22 May 2019 - The Meteor-M No 2-2 spacecraft has been delivered to the Vostochny spaceport in Russia's Far East in preparation for the upcoming launch, the press service of the Center for operating ground-based space infrastructure facilities said. >>>

General Atomics Orbital Test Bed satellite arrives at Cape Canaveral
22 May 2019 - General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced that its Orbital Test Bed (OTB) satellite has arrived at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, to complete launch preparations in anticipation of launching the spacecraft as part of the U.S. Air Force's Space Technology Program 2 (STP-2) flight on the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. >>>

Arianespace to orbit SEOSat/Ingenio Earth observation satellite
20 May 2019 - Arianespace and the European Space Agency (ESA/Earth Observation Programs directorate) announced the signature of a launch services contract with a Vega launcher for SEOSat (Spanish Earth Observation SATellite) for Spain's Center for Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI - Centro para el Desarrollo Technologico Industrial). >>>

ULA completes final design review for new Vulcan Centaur rocket
20 May 2019 - United Launch Alliance completed the system Critical Design Review (CDR) for the company's new Vulcan Centaur rocket. The system-level CDR is the final review of the design for the overall rocket. >>>

LandSpace tests methane rocket engine
20 May 2019 - LandSpace, a private startup in Beijing, announced that its TQ-12 methane rocket engine successfully underwent a 20-second trial run at the company's test facility in Huzhou, Zhejiang province. It is the world's third high-performance methane engine after SpaceX's Raptor and Blue Origin's BE-4. >>>

Chang Zheng lofts navigation satellite
19 May 2019 - Rocket: Chang Zheng 3C; Payload: Beidou 2G8 (GEO-8); Date: 17 May 2019, 1548 UTC; Launch site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center, China. The satellite is the fourth BDS-2 backup satellite and the 45th satellite of the BDS satellite family. >>>

Delay of the day: Falcon 9/Starlink (again)
19 May 2019 - A SpaceX launch already scrubbed once due to inclement weather was postponed again nearly 24 hours later on Thursday, this time for "about a week," in order to update satellite software and "triple-check everything," SpaceX said. >>>

Earth to Sky announces launch agreement with Delta Satellite Solutions
19 May 2019 - Earth to Sky, Inc. (ETS) announced the signing of a definitive launch services agreement with Delta Satellite Solutions, Inc. (DSS), a provider of payload and satellite integration services for academic institutions. >>>


New Maxar selected to build, fly first element of NASA's Lunar Gateway
23 May 2019 - Maxar Technologies has been selected by NASA to build and perform a spaceflight demonstration of the Lunar Gateway's power and propulsion element spacecraft. Blue Origin and Draper will join the Maxar-led team in designing, building and operating the spacecraft through the demonstration period. >>>

Viasat to deliver 1st Link 16-capable LEO spacecraft
22 May 2019 - Viasat Inc. has been awarded a contract by the Administrator of the Space Enterprise Consortium, under the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles XVI programme, to deliver and test the first-ever Link 16-capable LEO spacecraft. >>>

Ball Aerospace small satellite for NASA arrives in Florida for launch
21 May 2019 - The Ball Aerospace-built small spacecraft for NASA's Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) has arrived in Florida to prepare for a June launch on board a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. GPIM is NASA's first opportunity to demonstrate a new "green" propellant and propulsion system in orbit - an alternative to conventional chemical propulsion systems. >>>


EchStar sells satellites to DISH
21 May 2019 - DISH announced that it has entered into an all-stock deal to buy the satellite services business from EchoStar Corporation. >>>


New AWS announces general availability of AWS Ground Station
23 May 2019 - Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) announced the general availability of AWS Ground Station, a new service for customers to control satellites from AWS and download data from satellites into AWS Global Infrastructure Regions using a fully managed network of ground station antennas located around the world. >>>