Summary: 29.Nov.2020 - 03.Dec.2020


New New Gonets satellites launched from Plesetsk
03.Dec.2020 - Rocket: Soyuz-2.1b/Fregat; Payload: Gonets-M No. 30, 31, 32, Kosmos-2548 (ERA-1); Date: 3 December 2020, 0114 UTC; Launch site: Plesetsk, Russia. The satellites were deployed into 1,486 km x 1,505 km x 82.50 degrees orbits. >>>

New China to build new production base for solid rockets
03.Dec.2020 - Chinese rocket manufacturer, China Rocket Co., Ltd., and the municipal government of Haiyang in east China's Shandong Province signed a contract pledging to build a 163-hectare production base for solid-propellant rockets. >>>

Soyuz launches UAE spy satellite after delays
02.Dec.2020 - Rocket: Soyuz-ST-A; Payload: FalconEye 2; Date: 2 December 2020, 0133 UTC; Launch site: Sinnamary, French Guiana. The satellite was placed in a 597 km x 599 km x 97.87 degrees Sun-synchronous orbit. >>>

EUMETSAT confirms choice of Arianespace launchers
02.Dec.2020 - EUMETSAT has joined the signatories of the "joint statement on the institutional exploitation of Ariane 6 and Vega C" in favour of a European preference for launchers on institutional missions in Europe, initiated by the European Space Agency (ESA) in October 2018. >>>

Momentus announces launch service agreement with Gilmour Space
30.Nov.2020 - Momentus Inc., a commercial space company offering in-space infrastructure services, and Gilmour Space Technologies, a hybrid rocket company based in Queensland, Australia, announced a new agreement for launch and orbital transport services. >>>

Japan launches dual-use data relay satellite
29.Nov.2020 - Rocket: H2A; Payload: classified data relay satellite; Date: 29 November 2020, 0725 UTC; Launch site: Tanegashima Space Center, Japan. The satellite was deployed into a 256 km x 35,797 km x 28.43 degrees geostationary transfer orbit about 30 minutes after lift-off. >>>

Angara heavy rocket delayed to December
29.Nov.2020 - The launch of Russia's Angara-A5 heavy rocket from the Plesetsk spaceport in northern Russia will take place in December, the Russian state space corporation's CEO Dmitry Rogozin wrote in a Twitter post. >>>

China plans to launch new space telescope
29.Nov.2020 - China plans to launch a space telescope for research in electromagnetic counterparts of gravitational waves in December, according to the National Space Science Center under the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). >>>


New China's Chang'e-5 completes sampling on moon, lifts off
03.Dec.2020 - China's Chang'e-5 probe has completed sampling on the moon, the samples have been sealed inside the ascent vehicle, which then lifted off from the moon's surface at 1510 UTC. >>>

New Thales Alenia Space to build Copernicus ROSE-L satellite
03.Dec.2020 - Thales Alenia Space has signed a €482 million contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to build the Copernicus Radar Observation System for Europe in L-band (ROSE-L) environmental monitoring satellite, as part of Europe's Copernicus programme, the first tranche being €90 million. >>>

New SBIRS missile warning satellite ready for 2021 launch
03.Dec.2020 - Lockheed Martin announced the U.S. Space Force has determined the fifth Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite (SBIRS GEO-5) is complete and ready for launch in 2021. >>>

New GPS III SV04 receives operational acceptance
03.Dec.2020 - Global Positioning System III Space Vehicle (SV) 04 received United States Space Force's Operational Acceptance approval on 1 December. It is the fourth GPS III satellite delivered into the operational constellation in the past 12 months and the second in the past three months. >>>

Ekspress AMU3 assembly completed
02.Dec.2020 - ISS-Reshetnev Company has completed assembly of the Ekspress-AMU3 telecommunications satellite. >>>

NASA confirms new small satellite to map water on lunar surface
02.Dec.2020 - A small-satellite mission to understand the lunar water cycle -- detecting and mapping water on the lunar surface in order to investigate how its form, abundance, and location relate to geology -- has received NASA approval to proceed with the next phase of its development. >>>

RUAG Space has developed a new computer for satellites
02.Dec.2020 - RUAG Space has developed a new powerful computer for satellites called "Lynx". >>>

Teledyne e2v to supply Infrared detector for TRUTHS
02.Dec.2020 - Teledyne e2v, part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, will supply infrared detectors for the UK-led climate change TRUTHS mission. The Traceable Radiometry Underpinning Terrestrial and Helio Studies (TRUTHS) mission aims to establish an SI-traceable space-based climate and calibration observing system to improve confidence in climate-change forecasts, often referred to as a standards laboratory in space. >>>

China's lunar probe Chang'e 5 lands on Moon
01.Dec.2020 - A Chinese probe sent to the Moon to bring back the first lunar samples in four decades successfully landed on 1 December 20230, Beijing's space agency said. >>>

OneWeb Satellites ramps up satellite production
01.Dec.2020 - OneWeb Satellites has returned to full-scale production of spacecraft after its client and part owner, OneWeb, emerged from bankruptcy. >>>

ESA purchases world-first debris removal mission from start-up
01.Dec.2020 - ESA has signed an €86 million contract with an industrial team led by Swiss start-up ClearSpace SA to purchase a unique service: the first removal of an item of space debris from orbit. >>>

China's Chang'e-5 probe prepares to land on moon
30.Nov.2020 - China's Chang'e-5 probe is preparing for a soft landing on the moon to undertake the country's first collection of samples from an extraterrestrial body. >>>

China's Chang'e-5 probe enters lunar orbit
29.Nov.2020 - China's Chang'e-5 probe decelerated and entered the lunar orbit on Saturday, completing a vital step on its way to collect and return moon samples, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) announced. >>>

Thales Alenia Space put on track its Space Inspire product line
29.Nov.2020 - Thales Alenia Space announced that a major milestone for Space Inspire (INstant SPace In-orbit REconfiguration) development has been achieved by the accomplishment of the Preliminary Design Review (PDR). >>>

ABB, Nüvü to deliver exo-planet cameras for NASA space telescope
29.Nov.2020 - A two-year contract awarded to ABB from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory will see key ABB/Nüvü Cameras technology fly onboard the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope in 2025. >>>

Teledyne to develop quantum technologies to measure atmosphere
29.Nov.2020 - Teledyne e2v's Space & Quantum team, a part of the Teledyne Imaging Group, based in Essex in the UK are collaborating with STFC RALSpace and University of Birmingham in the development of the Cold Atom Space Payload (CASPA) Accelerometer. >>>


Intelsat completes acquisition of Gogo Commercial Aviation
01.Dec.2020 - Intelsat has completed its acquisition of the Commercial Aviation business of Gogo, creating the world's leading provider of inflight broadband connectivity to the commercial aviation industry. >>>


SES GS equips U.S. Air Force with SATCOM capabilities
02.Dec.2020 - SES Government Solutions (SES GS) has been awarded an Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS) tests contract that allows to compete for individual task orders that together have a ceiling value of US$950 million. >>>