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16 Jan 2008Iran may order satellite abroad
07 May 2007Iranian parliament commission rejects plans for IRIB satellite
13 May 2004Court dismisses DirecTV claim
12 Aug 2003New orbits for three DirecTV satellites
14 May 2002DirecTV 3 SCP fails, satellite to be mothballed
15 Apr 2002Industry Insight: Satellite spat
27 Nov 2000'Tin whiskers' kill third satellite
29 Aug 2000Solidaridad 1: Second SCP gone
13 Oct 1999DirecTV launched from ocean-going platform
28 Sep 1999Sea Launch scheduled for 10 October
09 Jun 1999Who dares first?
21 May 1999Hughes completes USSB acquisition
12 Mar 1999New satellite for DirecTV
15 Dec 1998Hughes swallows USSB
26 Nov 1998Another Hughes SCP bites the dust
17 Aug 1998USSB on new DirecTV bird?
11 Aug 1998DirecTV orders new HS601 HP
11 Aug 1998Relays caused HS601 troubles
17 Jul 1998HS 601 problems caused by a simple relay?
15 Jul 1998DirecTV looking for another satellite
09 Jul 1998Another SCP fails
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