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20 Jun 2016TAS to supply payloads for Ekspress-80 and Ekspress-103
22 Sep 2010TAS to build payloads for Ekspress AM8, AT1 and AT2
24 Mar 2009RSCC says Ekspress-AM2 'unstable' - W1 to help out
06 Mar 2009Advanced Learner's Guide to Conspiracy Theories
09 Jul 2007Meteosat-8 likely hit by micro-meteoroid or space junk
29 Jan 2007Number of detected FY-1C fragments rises dramatically
09 Oct 2006RSCC to launch three broadcasting satellites next year
28 Jun 2006Completion of new Ekspress satellites to be accelerated
30 Mar 2006Ekspress-AM11 total loss, en route to graveyard orbit
29 Mar 2006What knocked out Ekspress-AM11?
30 Mar 2005Fourth Ekspress-AM launched aboard Proton K
02 Feb 2005Ekspress-AM1 operational
19 Sep 2004Alcatel to provide two more Ekspress payloads
05 Jul 2004Ekspress-AM11 operational
27 Apr 2004Second Ekspress AM launched by Proton K
12 Mar 2004Ekspress-AM22 operational
04 Mar 2004Ekspress AM11 testing complete
13 Jan 2004Ekspress payload shipped to prime contractor
12 Aug 2003Ekspress AM22 payload module in France
20 Jan 2003Two more Alcatel payloads for Ekspress satellites
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