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22 Jan 2016Jason-3 delivers first data and products 4 days after launch
18 Jan 2016Jason-3 launched but Falcon 9 first stage landing fails
15 Jan 2016Jason-3 pre-launch details
29 Sep 2015Thales Alenia Space's Poseidon-3C radar altimeter chosen for SWOT
25 Jun 2015EUMETSAT Council approves EPS Second generation programme
28 Nov 2014EUMETSAT Council makes progress towards EPS-SG
03 Jul 2013Jason 1 decommissioned after loss of last transponder
23 May 2013NASA ships sensors for seafaring satellite to France
16 Jul 2012NASA launch contracts for Delta II, Falcon 9
06 Dec 2011Jason-1 celebrates 10 years of space-based altimetry
06 Oct 2010Integral Systems to upgrade NOAA Polar Ground Systems
17 Sep 2010Proteus platform passes cumulated mark of 20 years in orbit
11 Aug 2010Indian-French satellite to be launched next year
20 Apr 2010Integral Systems to relocate NOAA's Fairbanks satellite operations facility
24 Feb 2010Thales Alenia Space to build Jason-3
02 Feb 2010European funding for Jason-3 secured
18 Dec 2009Eyes Wide Shut: Earth's Vital Signs Soon to Go Unmeasured as Satellites Fail
06 Dec 2009EUMETSAT extends Jason-3 deadline
07 Aug 2009Most accurate data available from OSTM/Jason-2
01 Jul 2009EUMETSAT Council moves GMES and Jason-3 forward
19 Jan 2009Thales Alenia Space: From 'exceptional' to 'solid' in two years
31 Oct 2008NOAA takes over Jason-2 satellite operations
18 Sep 2008Jason-2 receives in-flight acceptance
02 Jul 2008Update: Jason 2 in good health after launch from Vandenberg
23 Jun 2008First Jason-2 test data processed as check-out continues
20 Jun 2008Jason 2 in good health after launch from Vandenberg
16 Jun 2008OSTM/Jason-2 pre-launch details
11 Jun 2008Delta II Heavy launches gamma-ray satellite
10 Jun 2008Jason-2 satellite targeted for launch on 20 June
09 Jun 2008Battery shuffle brings Delta II launches back on track
05 Jun 2008Launch updates
20 May 2008Jason-2 getting ready for launch, fuelling milestone met
07 May 2008Spacehab, Incorporated results Q3 FY2008
30 Apr 2008Thales Alenia Space delivers Jason-2 to its Californian launch base
13 Mar 2008Jason-2 to be launched in mid-June
27 Aug 2007Astrotech wins first competed contract under recently awarded VAFB IDIQ
02 Oct 2006AAS radar altimeter for new CryoSat
05 Jun 2006JAXA equipment to fly aboard Jason-2
08 May 2006Hydrazine Tanks for Jason-2 Satellite Will Be Modified
14 Apr 2006Calipso pre-launch details
11 Apr 2006NASA joins partners for Ocean Surface Topography Mission
04 May 2004Alcatel Space to build Jason-2
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