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01 Sep 2009Update: Palapa D in useless orbit after failure of Chinese launcher
12 Feb 2008The return of the space tug - thanks to Eutelsat?
09 Sep 2003Last Titan IVB/Centaur lifts U.S. spy satellite
14 Jul 2003Two more XIPS zapped
18 Mar 2002Less customers for Delta III
18 Dec 2000Meet the HGS fleet of satellites
18 Aug 2000Poor manufacturing controls killed Orion 3
21 Jul 2000Boeing's costly Delta III demo flight
15 Jun 2000Delta III to carry mock satellite--WSJ
31 May 2000Orion 3: NASA's next moon probe?
29 Oct 1999Delta 3 killed by reinforcement strip #91
06 Sep 1999Loral to pay US$300 million for Apstar capacity
20 Aug 1999Loral leases Apstar IIR
19 Jul 1999New manufacturing process, new problems for RL-10
28 Jun 1999Unexplained shocks shock Delta 3
19 May 1999Turbo stop instead of turbo prop
18 May 1999Launch insurers want higher premiums
12 May 1999Orion 3 Update
08 May 1999Updates
07 May 1999Dacom to focus on domestic satellite
06 May 1999Orion 3: dangerously low orbit
06 May 1999Delta III fails again
05 May 1999More launch delays expected
03 May 1999Three in a row
30 Apr 1999Delta III's next launch attempt
23 Apr 1999Delta-III launch scrapped
14 Apr 1999Cape Canaveral delays
08 Apr 1999Orion 3 launch probably delayed a week
05 Apr 1999Eutelsat's Atlantic Fake
17 Mar 1999Telstar 6 in service
05 Feb 1999Integral to control Orions
09 Nov 1998Loral: focus on core leasing and data services
15 Sep 1998Loral Orion to provide India with Internet access
14 May 1998SA to provide Dacom with uplink station
11 May 1998New satellites
22 Mar 1998Loral acquires Orion
14 Oct 1997Loral snatches Orion
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