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1. Satellite broadband: Last resort or a serious contender to mobile and fixed? [24 Feb 2016]
"The business record for satellite broadband is intimidating to say the least. SkyBridge, an Alcatel project, went bankrupt in 2000 while Microsoft-backed Teledesic halted work in 2002. Even if the trials and tribulations of satellite had not been played out so openly, the technology suffers from a reputation problem. It is often seen as expensive, slow and providing poor bandwidth." (Computer Business Review)
2. OneWeb announces US$500 million of A-round funding; orders launches [25 Jun 2015]
OneWeb, which plans to build a new global broadband communications system announced it has raised US$500 million of funding from a group of leading international companies. OneWeb also announced the largest commercial rocket acquisition ever of more than 65 rockets. In addition, the company will co-operate with Intelsat and Hughes.
3. Google investment revives satellite Internet talks [27 Jan 2015]
"It was a hot idea in the '90s: Provide global Internet access with mega-constellations of dozens or hundreds of small satellites flying in low Earth orbit. The result was 'a bloodbath of serial bankruptcies,' one financial analyst wrote last week. Several companies including Teledesic, which planned to launch more than 800 satellites and claimed Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates as an investor, failed. Now big investments in two new ventures, including Google backing for SpaceX, bet that the idea...
4. SpaceX Is a Throwback to the 1990s [22 Jan 2015]
"Google is investing in SpaceX, one of Mr. Musk's companies, which along with its commercial rocket launches is planning a broadband network of 4,000 satellites. The pioneering Teledesic tried something similar around two decades ago but failed. The question for SpaceX is whether the equation has yet changed enough." (New York Times)
5. Satellite internet is a space business widow-maker--so why does Elon Musk want in? [21 Nov 2014]
"Mobile networks Iridium and GlobalStar, the firms with the largest commercial satellite constellations, both spent time in bankruptcy proceedings before re-emerging as going concerns. Teledesic, a satellite-internet company backed by Microsoft, halted work in 2002, while SkyBridge, an Alcatel satellite internet project, went bankrupt in 2000. So why is Elon Musk so eager to see his SpaceX commercial space transport company take a crack at a business that has been so troublesome?" (Quartz)
6. Hack3rz plan own 5at3ll1t3z [04 Jan 2012]
A group of hackers at the Chaos Computer Club's Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin recently proposed an initiative called the Hackerspace Global Grid (HGG), which aims to develop a satellite system for "uncensorable Internet in space." Don't hold your breath.
7. TAS building a new satellite constellation for O3b Networks [09 Sep 2008]
Thales Alenia Space announced it has started construction of 16 Medium Earth Orbit communications satellites for O3b Networks Limited, with options for additional spacecraft.
8. Boeing (IDS) results 3Q 2003 [29 Oct 2003]
Reporting Boeing's third-quarter results, Chief Executive Phil Condit said the company wasn't yet through with efforts to turn around its money-losing satellite and launch business.
9. Teledesic returns license, frees up 1 GHz of Ka-band spectrum [03 Jul 2003]
Teledesic, the company that at one point had planned to build an "Internet in the sky" with up to 840 low-Earth orbit satellites, has surrendered its Ka-band NGSO license, according to a document obtained by Satellite News Digest.
10. Ka-Band: All Eyes On SpaceWay Launch [12 Mar 2003]
"After much talk over recent years, it appears as though time is now right for Ka-band to play a pivotal role for satellite operators. On a panel at Satellite 2003, the message appeared to be that crunch time is rapidly approaching. Some next-generation systems, such as Teledesic and SkyBridge, have not moved forward, leading many to doubt the potential of Ka- band services." (Interspace via Northern Light)

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