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Saturday, 18 April 1998

 Name change
 The Bermuda Triangle
 Superbird with Ariane
 The Iridium flood
 Hot Bird (literally)
 Propulseur d'Appoint Poudre
 More Deltas for GPS
 India to develop rockets
 NBC to scrap Asian, European programming
 Satellite war continues
 CyberStar launched
 Death at 17
 Horus scrapped
 Cakrawarta 1 has problems
 More Kupons for the Bank of Russia
 Commercial spy satellite back
 U.S. FCC approves more Orbcomm satellites
 PanAmSat Satellite carousel
 Where the Prince goes
 Everything you wanted to know about Fiduciary Depository Receipts but were afraid to ask
 Sky Latin beats DirecTV

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