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Friday, 30 March 2001

 GSLV-D1 postponed indefinitely after aborted launch
 Astra 3A on Ariane 5
 Two Spaceway satellites on Sea Launch
 Pegasus XL to loft C/NOFS
 Baikonur launch schedule for April
 Italian tanks for Delta II
 New Skies orders NSS-8
 Lockheed Martin tests Milstar II
 Thermal test solution for Boeing satellites
 DBS for \"end-user in theatre\"
 Terminals for rescue satellites
 All your satellite are belong to us
 More job cuts at Lockheed Martin
 Intelsat's brand-new brand identity
 Iridium service officially re-launched
 iDirect leases two Anik F1 transponders
 Udcast technology for SkyBridge
 Someone set us up the satellite
 * SES-GE Merger Inspires Satellite Executives
 * Russia considers prospects of building Mir-2
 * Report says USA improperly charged NASA for consultant fees
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