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Monday, 20 August 2001

 H-2A delayed again?
 NASA exercises Delta 2 contract option for ESSP 3/Cloudsat
 Russian satellite to improve earthquake forecasts
 China sets up company for small satellites
 GOES 12 takes first picture
 Preliminary Design Reviews for WGS completed
 Boeing to expand satellite factory
 Russia, China to co-operate on communications satellites?
 X-43A mishap investigation update
 Astrium sells gyros business to Stork
 Thrane & Thrane and Nera merge satellite communications businesses
 * G.M. Is Said to Continue EchoStar Talks
 * Murdoch Needs DirecTV To Realize His Vision
 * Britain's asteroid defence station goes ahead
 * Channel surfers' next wave
 * Digital TV Becoming More a Reality for the Masses
 * Losing sight of Milky Way, we lose sight of ourselves
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