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Monday, 13 January 2003

 ICESat and CHIPS launched by Delta II
 Rosetta to lift off 22 January, report
 Brazil, Russia negotiating Alcantara agreement
 NASA tests paraffin-based solid fuel
 Investigation result: clogged fuel line botched Astra 1K launch
 Volvo acknowledges failure of its utblåsningsmunstycke
 India to develop recoverable satellites, reusable rockets
 Rosaviakosmos plans reorganisation by 2006
 SES Americom to provide broadband connections for cable customers
 Russia wants, U.S. may need more money for military space
 L-3 receives contract modification for AEHF secure communications
 European US$15 million contract for Globecomm
 Spectrum Astro speeds up construction of new factory

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