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Monday, 27 January 2003

 Pegasus rocket successfully launches NASA's SORCE satellite
 Delay of the day: Proton K/AMC 9
 NAVSTAR GPS 2R-8, XSS 10 to launch 29 January
 China plans eight satellite launches
 Electrical and functional testing of ATV begins
 Musharraf wants own satellite in three years
 SES Astra leads development of return-channel set-top box
 Tachyon satellite broadband services for Mitsui
 Globecomm to build another Earth Station
 EU presents green paper on space policy
 * Twin rover launches will carry plutonium
 * NASA accelerates nuclear technology
 * Nuclear Power In Space And The Impact On Earth's Ecosystem
 * Political Infighting Continues To Threaten Galileo Schedule
 * Japan Preps For Its First Milsat Launch
 * F.C.C. Expected to Extend Satellite Operators' Reach
 * Scientists show how to make a UFO
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