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Tuesday, 12 August 2003

 Soyuz-U lofts Russian military satellite
 Delays of the days: Delta IV, Ariane 5
 Russian invasion in Kourou
 Ekspress AM22 payload module in France
 AeroAstro's tiny S-band transmitters work well
 New orbits for three DirecTV satellites
 Satmex files 'friendly suit' for Sol 1 loss
 New Skies Satellites results 2Q 2003
 Spacehab declared finalist on US$100 million space station contract
 Comtech receives contract for high speed satellite modems
 * Wish You Were Here, Send Brains
 * The Case For Space Based Solar Power Development
 * Considering the fate of Hubble
 * Bill for shuttle cleanup, probe tops $380 million
 * Bell ExpressVu ramps up its fight against satellite pirates
 * Private spacecraft performs crucial test flight
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