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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

 First payload for Soyuz ST
 Orbital Recovery signs Ariane launch services contract
 AMC-16 shifted from Proton to Atlas V
 RD-171M engine for Zenit 3SL successfully tested
 No MARSIS deployment date yet
 EADS (Space) results Q1 2004
 Viasat results FY2004
 OHB-System and ELOP establish joint venture
 DirecTV sells HNS set-top box assets to Thomson
 Worldsat signs KT for Northeast Asian satellite services
 * Satellite Still Leads Telecoms Equation for Developing Countries
 * Hubble health report
 * Webb Telescope on track to replace Hubble in 2011
 * Letter to NASA about Your Human Space Flight Programs from Don Peterson, an Old Former Astronaut - Taxpayer
 * Another Boeing Employee Charged
 * Ex-Boeing official charged
 * Optus mulls home satellite
 * Link to an external article that may or may not be available any more

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