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Monday, 5 July 2004

 Energia, Sea Launch investigate partial Zenit-3SL failure
 Ekspress-AM11 operational
 GlobeCast SNG units at the 2004 Tour de France
 Xantic appointed to become BGAN launch partner
 Mark Rigolle Appointed New Chief Financial Officer at SES Global
 Gilat president and CEO resigns after unsuccessful HNS bid
 * NASA Plan To Kill TRMM Mission Spurs Backlash, Debate
 * NASA arrangement nixed in contracting protest
 * After Surviving Much Travail, Globecomm Systems Inc. Emerges a Different Company
 * DOD shifts satellite buys
 * Nations can work together -- in outer space
 * Titan flyby gives murky images
 * Photos of a Saturn Moon Both Tantalize and Confuse
 * Saturn is much closer to us now
 * Private Initiative for Inflatable Space Habitat Lures Chinese Interest
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