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Monday, 19 July 2004

 Ariane-5 puts massive Canadian satellite into orbit
 Last Atlas IIAS flight delayed indefinitely
 Engineers test first engine for NASA's Return to Flight Mission
 EADS Astrium wins contract for Thai imaging satellite
 NASA confirms it plans to de-orbit TRMM
 NASA studies new lunar sampling, Jupiter missions
 MUOS contract delayed
 Agreement on Greece's accession to the ESA Convention signed
 New Skies shareholders approve acquisition by Blackstone
 Axesat expands broadband service contract with Intelsat
 Nortel Networks, Cogent supply packet-based solutions for Skynet 5
 EMS Technologies' SATCOM Division appoints director, military sales
 * NASA Denies Funding for Key Satellite
 * Hubble Telescope's Chief Advocate to Step Down
 * NASA's MESSENGER probe to launch to Mercury Aug. 2
 * Mission to map the Aurorae launches 26 July
 * The Space Propulsion Industry Considers More Consolidation
 * Shuttle costs surge
 * Return-to-flight costs soar
 * Plans for Space Station Call for an Expansion of Research
 * We never went to the Moon (No, really.)
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