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Thursday, 29 July 2004

 NASA selects future mission concepts for study
 ESA awards prime contract for instrument on board JWST
 EADS results H1 2004
 Northrop Grumman results Q2 2004
 PanAmSat results Q2 2004
 EMS Technologies results Q2 2004
 Magellan Aerospace expects second quarter loss
 Start-up channels distributed via AMC-10
 Cable will match satellite in DVR deployment by 2006
 Atlas V launch pad at Vandenberg grows
 * The long and winding road to a hot planet
 * Swift Satellite To Catch Mysterious Bursts From Deep In The Cosmos
 * Crew ready to remodel station
 * NASA begins repairing station glitches
 * A Global Outpost in Space
 * Boeing Reverses Course to Post a Profit, Sees Cloud Lifting From Ethics Scandal
 * Link to an external article that may or may not be available any more

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