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Monday, 27 June 2005

 Update: Proton K lifts off with Ekspress-AM3
 India to launch two Glonass satellites
 INSAT-4A and MSG-2 in August or September
 Molniya-M's third stage may have exploded
 PanAmSat, JSAT announce U.S. satellite joint venture
 Mobile Satellite Ventures to order three satellites
 COM DEV receives military satellite contract
 Three European instruments for Chandrayaan-1
 GJU okays Eurely/iNavSat joint bid
 MDA adds new Radarsat customers
 WorldSpace to offer 8.8 million shares
 Loral Skynet launches Skyreach IP services for Asia
 * Satellite industry executive warns of coming shortage
 * Lost in Space
 * Space Shuttle Main Engine Defective Parts 'Purged'
 * NASA scraps new techniques to inspect wiring on shuttles
 * Shuttle components could be used in next generation of rockets
 * Boeing Is Well-Equipped as Airlines Race to Offer High-Speed Web Access
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