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Tuesday, 18 October 2005

 Russia may help Brazil improve VLS-1 rocket
 Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne resumes tests at Stennis
 AGS awarded NOAA contract
 EMS receives DVB-RCS certificate
 CapRock, SeaMobile to provide broadband at sea
 SkyLogic, Maltasat to provide broadband at sea
 Norsat, Arrowhead present GLOBETrekker
 TransCore shrinks satellite tracking modem
 Comtech receives order for turboIP proxies
 Wavestream unveils fanless Ku-band upconverter
 * The 'why' behind China's own private space race
 * Space station's future dovetails with shuttle's sunset
 * New NASA Plans Could Dramatically Limit Shuttle Flights And Halt Space Station Assembly
 * Aerospace giants vie for prize
 * European probe readied for trip to Venus
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