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Monday, 4 August 2008

 Proton launch of Inmarsat-4 F3 satellite delayed
 Khrunichev delivers prototype first stage for KSLV
 And then there were two
 THailand Earth Observation System (THEOS) pre-launch details
 Herschel mechanical tests completed
 Rosetta starts tracking asteroid Steins
 CSSI's SOCRATES-GEO adds 100th satellite
 Boeing opens new Mission Control Center
 Cause for N2O explosion at Scaled Composites still unknown
 SES announces power problems on nine A2100 satellites
 SES results H1 2008
 EchoStar, DISH Network results Q2 2008
 * Falcon 1 rocket fails to reach orbit
 * Launch failure clouds NASA's plans
 * USAF To Launch First Spaceplane Demonstrator
 * Smog observation satellite mulled
 * Kazakhstan at Crossroads in Space
 * Industry Officials Predict Current Procurement Plan Will Delay Galileo
 * Final Servicing Will Leave Hubble With Full Toolbox
 * Satellite Firms Return After Failure to Launch
 * Africa still dependent on satellite net access
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