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Thursday, 11 September 2008

 New cargo ship heading for ISS, docking delayed
 Khrunichev says lessons learnt from Yakhta failures
 OHB-System to study ESA's Marco Polo asteroid mission
 Indian government approves GPS augmentation system
 COM DEV International Ltd. results 3Q FY2008
 UK-DMC satellite first to transfer sensor data using 'bundle' protocol
 SES Astra signs capacity deal with South Africa's ETV
 Measat is Regional Satellite Operator 2008
 * Shuttle Crew's Repairs Will Leave \"Best Hubble Ever\"
 * NASA says Ares rocket is (mostly) OK
 * New NASA rocket passes initial design review
 * Ares I rocket gets green light
 * NASA Slips Orion Review By One Year
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