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Monday, 8 December 2008

 Nigeria, China talk about NigComSat replacement -- report
 DSP 23 updates
 Update: Next Ariane 5 launch rescheduled
 South Korea may not rebuild Russian stage for KSLV 2
 Ciel II pre-launch details
 Progress M-65 de-orbited
 ART stays on Hotbird 8
 Mobile Satellite Ventures changes name
 * U.S. and Europe join forces for future Mars missions
 * Ailing Economy Not Expected to Derail Iridium Deal
 * Hubble Mission Reset
 * Early 2009 Launch for Wideband Global Satcom
 * NASA Space Probe to Track CO2 on Earth
 * Navy to have own satellite next year
 * Link to an external article that may or may not be available any more

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