Latest News: 01 Aug 2014


Generation Orbit completes first flight test
01 Aug 2014 - Generation Orbit Launch Services, Inc. (GO) said it completed the initial captive carry flight of the Flight Experiment Testbed (GO-FET). Operating out of Cecil Spaceport in Jacksonville, Florida, the three hour test flight served as an demonstration of air launch operations both on the ground and in flight. >>>


Progress vessel dumped in Pacific Ocean
01 Aug 2014 - The Russian Progress M-23M spacecraft was deorbited and fell into the Pacific Ocean, Roskosmos said. >>>


US$248 billion for 1,155 satellites over next decade
01 Aug 2014 - According to Euroconsult's newly released research report, Satellites to be Built and Launched, 115 satellites will be launched on average yearly over the next decade (2014-2023). >>>


Airbus Group and Safran to nominate Alain Charmeau as CEO of JV
01 Aug 2014 - Airbus Group and Safran have agreed to nominate Alain Charmeau (58), as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the future Space Launcher Joint Venture. Currently, Alain Charmeau is serving as the Head of Operations at Space Systems within Airbus Defence and Space Division. >>>





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