Latest News: 01 Oct 2014


Next GLONASS launch in December
01 Oct 2014 - A new GLONASS navigation satellite will be launched at the end of this year, Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev announced. >>>

Delta IV Heavy rolled out to launch pad for Orion test flight
01 Oct 2014 - Last night, United Launch Alliance (ULA) rolled the Delta IV Heavy rocket from its processing facility to Space Launch Complex 37 in advance of the 4 December Exploration Flight Test (EFT-1) for NASA's Orion spacecraft. >>>

ATK successfully tests Orion launch abort motor igniter
01 Oct 2014 - NASA and ATK successfully completed a static test of the launch abort motor igniter for the Orion crew capsule's Launch Abort System (LAS). Conducted at ATK's facility in Promontory, Utah, this test is the next step toward qualifying the igniter for production. >>>

Aerojet Rocketdyne responds to Air Force RFI
01 Oct 2014 - Aerojet Rocketdyne announced that it submitted a formal response to the U.S. Air Force's Request for Information on options for future booster propulsion and launch systems that could be used as alternatives to foreign-supplied RD-180 engines. >>>

Sierra Nevada develops Dream Chaser for Stratolaunch
01 Oct 2014 - Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced a design for an integrated system for human spaceflight that can be launched to low Earth orbit (LEO) using Stratolaunch System's air launch architecture and a scale version of SNC's Dream Chaser spacecraft. >>>


DSCOVR is finally poised for lift-off
01 Oct 2014 - The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite mission in is to be launched early 2015 aboard a Falcon 9. The satellite, formerly known as Triana (jokingly) GoreSat after a former U.S. vice president, is to give warnings of solar activity that could potentially wreak havoc throughout society and the economy on Earth. >>>


Vizocom to use two beams on Eutelsat 21B
01 Oct 2014 - Vizocom, a provider of integrated satellite broadband solutions, announced it has selected the Eutelsat 21B satellite to implement a connectivity service in countries with harsh and challenging environments and limited terrestrial infrastructure. >>>


Thales Alenia Space received "Gold Medal" at IPMA Awards
01 Oct 2014 - The Herschel-Planck programme has won the gold medal award at the 28th world congress of the IPMA (International Project Management Association). >>>





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