Latest News: 27 Feb 2017


Sentinel-2B ready for launch atop Vega
27 Feb 2017 - The ninth Vega light-lift launcher is now complete at the Spaceport in French Guiana, with its Sentinel-2B Earth observation satellite installed atop the four-stage vehicle in preparation for a mission on 6 March. >>>


Amos 7 begins operations at 4° West
27 Feb 2017 - Spacecom announced that the Amos-7 communications satellite, also known as AsiaSat 8, is now providing television and data communication services from its 4° West orbital position. >>>

Science checkout continues for ExoMars orbiter
27 Feb 2017 - Next week, the ExoMars orbiter will devote two days to making important calibration measurements at the Red Planet, which are needed for the science phase of the mission that will begin next year. >>>

LeoLabs unveils new phased-array radar for tracking space debris
27 Feb 2017 - LeoLabs, Inc., a commercial provider of data to track debris and prevent collisions in low Earth orbit (LEO), announced completion of the next addition to its network of phased-array radars. >>>





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