Tsiklon 3
Launch vehicle Tsiklon 3
Launch site Plesetsk, Russia
Date/Time 2004-12-24 11:20
Description Upper stage engine premature shutdown
Payload Sich 1M (EO satellite), KS5MF2 (experimental microsatellite)
Desired orbit 650 km circular

The partial launch failure of a Ukrainian Tsiklon 3 was caused by the rocket's upper stage engine, which shut down almost a minute too early during its second and final burn, according to Kommersant newspaper.

The payloads were released into a 280 km x 645 km orbit instead of the planned 650-km circular orbit.

According to the report, Sich 1M will be able to reach its operational orbit using on-board propulsion. This will however consume so much fuel that the spacecraft's operational life will be slashed from three years to one year.

KS5MF2 has no on-board engine and will burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.

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