Launch vehicle Molniya-M [Molniya 8K78M]
Launch site Plesetsk, Russia
Date/Time 2005-06-21 00:49
Description Second stage failure
Cause Excessive fuel consumption
Payload Molniya-3K (military communications satellite)
Desired orbit Highly elliptical

Rocket and payload crashed in a thinly-populated region of Siberia after a failure occurred shortly after lift-off.

The failure was the result of excessive fuel consumption by the second-stage engine, leading to its destruction, a Russian Space Forces official reportedly said.

Although the investigation seems to have been completed, Molniya-M launches will stay suspended for the time being. This will give investigators time to run tests to ensure the problem was fixed, the official said according to Interfax news agency.

Last updated: 18 July 2005

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