Falcon 1
Launch vehicle Safir 1
Launch site Dasht-e-Kavir desert (?), Iran
Date/Time 2008-08-16 UTC
Description Second stage failure (?)
Cause ?
Payload Omir (?)
Desired orbit 650 km

The only thing known about this launch is that it has taken place, although even the exact time is unclear (except that it was at night local time, roughly between 1800 and 2000 UTC). It was reported by Iranian state media only one day later, which claimed that the country had successfully launched its first satellite, called Omid (a very simple 20-kg spacecraft). This claim was dropped later and replaced by the phrase that Iran had launched its first satellite carrier (i.e. a rocket capable of placing a satellite in orbit).

The rocket's flight had been monitored by the U.S. military. There was no offcial statement, but unnamed defense officials reportedly said that the launch was a "dramatic failure. The vehicle failed shortly after lift-off and in no way reached its intended position."

The rocket reportedly reached some 150 km, and during the firing of the second stage "failed and broke apart. Debris from the missile scattered across Iran and the Gulf of Oman."

There has been no independent confirmation that the rocket placed anything (a satellite or at least a dummy payload) in orbit.

Last updated: 14 September 2008

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